I've worked in Education, The Criminal Justice System and promoted The British Film Industry and throughout it all I've been involved in developing surrealist ideas and projects.



I use traditional cut and paste methods, using only original 19th century engravings, scissors and occasionally scalpels! I don't use computer technology or photocopies, just original Victorian books and magazines.


In the three projects on this website you'll see that I've been influenced by the collages of Max Ernst, and I've explored the same techniques that Ernst used when creating what has been called the first graphic novel "Une Semaine De Bonté", a surrealistic novel in collage.





Lots of these collages reflect on contemporary society. They are often set in dystopian worlds and comment on issues of imperialism, organised religion and the roles of men and women in society, all viewed through the prism of 19th century engravings.



Here's a short film of collage making in the studio





BUY: Many of these collages are available to buy and are shipped worldwide.

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